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    My name is Carrie Louise Ryan of Sweet Louise Photography.

    Things you should know:

    I am a wife to a hilarious husband.
    I am a mother to both a wild and charming little boy and perfectly sweet and overly dramatic little girl.
    I am a lover of music and all things handmade.
    I studied fine art in college.
    I am a photographer.

    How happy to call this my life.

    Here's a look at what I've been up to...

Melissa + Gordon || a little preview …

I loved everything about this lovely modern wedding… this is just a peak. More coming soon!

Melissa || Austin Bridal Portraits

Melissa was married this weekend, so I am thrilled I can finally share her bridals. Y’all, this dress… the shape, the beading – all perfection. Looking forward to sharing the entire wedding which had an amazingly romantic and very Gatsby feel. And, well, if you like this dress, her going away dress is going to floor you.

Keith SeanardJuly 15, 2014 - 7:29 am

Fantastic pics

Elizabeth + Luke || preview

I can’t wait to share this wedding! Until then …

Lindsay + Kevin || Married in Houston

This is a wedding close to my heart. Lindsay and I have known each other since we played volleyball together in High School. Many memories of traveling to tournaments and spending hours waiting for the next game… Lindsay is the kind of friend you always hold dear. She left high school and went on to Dartmouth and then Law School and never surprised any of us with her professional success. I was thrilled beyond words when I heard she had met the love of her life and wanted me to be there to document their day. The day was the perfect mix of old and new, sacred and fun. We wish you all the best, Lindsay and Kevin! Your wedding could not have been more perfect.

Becky + Arthur || Married

I’ve been so excited to share this darling Waco wedding. Becky and Arthur had a lot of amazing ourdoor things in mind for their wedding day, but as it turns out, the weather had other plans. We aren’t talking about a little drizzle here. We are talking about pure Texas thundersleet. Sheets of rain and sleet turning into solid ice on the ground as it falls. The kind of rain and ice that seals your car doors shut and pretty much shuts a town down. (Yes, my Tahoe doors actually froze shut between the ceremony and reception and I crawled in the back hatch wearing rubber boots. Please refrain from letting that visual stick in your mind for too long. It was about as graceful as you are imagining it).

Nevertheless, Becky and Arthur had a beautiful wedding. Their first look and portraits were held inside one of the gorgeous old campus buildings at Baylor and everything else just fell right into place. Their wedding felt cozy and intimate with every detail of the day having meaning for the two of them.

Becky and Arthur, you are both champions for weathering that storm (quite literally) with such grace. I’m thrilled I could be a part of the day.

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